New Year, Renewed Intentions

Wow, how is it 2019 already? Last year was a great year! We settled into our new home, I started a new role at work, we made new friends. Rowan became a reader and Regan has a million questions [AND answers]. I traveled to Cape Town, South Africa and Cancún, Mexico. I started this blog.

One thing I didn’t cross off my list was getting back to my running routine. I managed to squeeze in the Triple Crown Half Marathon series before moving, but since then I hadn’t even really run.

Then, on top of the lack of activity, I strayed from my Keto menus to indulge in mashed potatoes, stuffing & pecan pie, and then more holiday treats in December.

So in 2019 I’m renewing an important intention: to get into a consistent self-care routine. For me, this means running consistently, eating right, and a good skincare routine.

I’ve found a local Orange Theory Fitness gym to attend, joined a ladies’ trail running group, and registered for two half marathons for 2019. Not a bad start.

The hardest part this week, aside from being back at work after so much time at home, is getting back to Keto. For some back story, I started Keto a little more than a year ago and lost 20lbs in a few short months. I maintained throughout the year by sticking with the diet MOST of the time. During the last few months of the year I started to indulge a little more, really caving when the holidays rolled around with all their tasty cookies and pies [I’ve always had a notorious sweet tooth]. So as I get back to basics, I thought I’d share my go-to Keto staples, just in case you’ve thought about giving it a try!

First, I did a lot of my initial shopping through Thrive Market. They have a great selection and deliver to your door, and do save you some money. Stocking your Keto pantry can add up quickly, especially if you plan on doing some low-carb baking. If you’ve never shopped Thrive before, check it out.

Sweet Drops Liquid Stevia

I survive mornings thanks to my Nespresso espresso machine. However, I used to put TWO TEASPOONS of sugar in each cappuccino I’d make – I know, that’s INSANE. It was like my entire daily allowance of sugar in one beverage- then I’d have a chocolate croissant, a candy bar, etc. You get the picture. Keto really helped me break my addiction to sugar, but it took time and the help of this amazing liquid stevia. I’d tried others, but they tasted so artificial and were not satisfying. This is now a staple in our household and Ryan and I both use it for our coffee.

Kiss Me Keto MCT Oil Capsules

Ever heard of bulletproof coffee? It’s all about putting good fats into your coffee to start your day off right. People talk about feeling more alert and energized and it’s supposed to get your fat burning kicked off each day. However, I hate the texture it gives my coffee to put either butter or MCT oil into it, so these capsules are perfect for me. I just take a few at the start and end of each day. They’re also a convenient way to travel with MCT oil.

Ketologie Collagen Keto Shake

This Keto shake is the tastiest shake that you’ll ever taste – Okay, probably not true. The tastiest KETO shake you’ll ever have. It’s seriously so good that I find it hard to believe it’s not full of delicious sugary goodness. I’ve found the best strategy to staying Keto is always having a tasty Keto-friendly meal available. It allows you to make the right decision of sticking with your plan, instead of grabbing fast food. These shakes are already made with ideal macros in mind, so it takes the guess work out of your Keto ratios.

Ketologie Ketones + Probiotics

If you’re new to or are re-starting Keto, this is a good supplement with your Keto shake. This helps increase your body’s production of ketones while providing the right nutrients to help fight off the infamous “Keto flu” [when you experience headaches, nausea, or aching from carb restriction].

Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides

In every Ketologie shake I make I throw a scoop of collagen peptides in. Collagen Peptides are known for improving the health of your hair, skin, & nails, as well as joints, ligaments, and tendons. It’s super soluble and has no real taste, so it’s easy to mix it in to coffee or your Keto shake.

Shirataki Noodles + Rice

Growing up with rice as a staple at every meal means going low-carb can be hard. When I was reading up on Keto I heard “Miracle Noodles” were an amazing replacement, but when I saw them packaged with liquid in a plastic bag, I was like 😳. They’re AWESOME. They don’t really have their own flavor so they end up tasting like whatever sauce you serve the with. They add a nice layer of texture for those of you missing carbs. I love the shirataki rice with panang curry!

Simple Mills Almond Crackers

If you’re like me and love cheese and crackers, then the Simple Mills line is going to be a must-have. The crackers still have carbs, so you want to eat them in moderation, but they’re so tasty and really help fulfill that carb craving. I like the plain Sea Salt, but there’s several flavors to try! They even have almond flour pizza dough and focaccia mixes.

Keto Test Strips

If you’re anything like me, you want to make sure you’re doing things right to get the right results. Ketone test strips are a great way to get confirmation your hard work is paying off [aside from the weight loss and mental clarity!].

I hope that you accomplish your intentions in 2019! If you have questions about Keto, please comment below!

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