Earlier this year Ryan and I went to see Hozier at the Paramount Theater in Seattle. We love to try new restaurants, so I booked a reservation at Rider, the restaurant at Hotel Theodore.

The ambiance is great for an adult evening out and their bar seemed like a great place to grab a drink with friends. The decor had that casually elegant and on-trend vibe.

After we ordered our server was sure to check on if we were catching a show at the nearby Paramount, which we were, which I really appreciated. It’s not something I’ve thought to mention before, but knowing that we had to leave by a certain time ensured she was appropriately prompt and attentive.

Everything we ate was delicious,d fresh and well balanced. Anytime I see Black Cod on a menu I try it, it’s my favorite fish, and this did not disappoint. It had a spicy, southwest flair to it that I wasn’t sure I’d like, but it was delicious. I don’t even remember what Ryan ordered, I was so absorbed in enjoying my entree.

I’d recommend Rider. It had a great atmosphere and tasty food- the perfect combination for a weekend dinner out.

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