Opus Co. is one of my favorite Seattle restaurants. It’s intimate and they keep it interesting – they served different dishes to patrons seated at the bar with us, though we had all ordered the chef’s menu. They believe in whole-animal butchery, so it means that when they run out of lamb ribs you may have lamb sausage instead, etc. It’s amazing.

This restaurant is great for various groups and occasions. It could be great for date night or girls’ night. The first time I went with Steph, my sister from another mother, and we had a fun evening dining at the bar and enjoying the wine pairings. Last time I visited was with a group of girlfriends. We brought our own wine [we really enjoyed that] and enjoyed every minute of it.

If you really want to eat here, make a reservation. They get booked up so quickly and the chances of you catching a cancellation are slim-to-none. It’s a small, intimate restaurant, so large parties are harder to accommodate and take advanced planning. If you can, I recommend you sit at the bar so you can watch their team in action while you enjoy your dinner [trust me, you will].

If you’re in Seattle, you have to make a plan to visit Opus Co. You can read about their restaurant and make a reservation here.

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