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Since we’ve moved to Washington, away from three sets of grandparents, date nights don’t happen as often as we’d like. Lately it feels like Ryan and I tag each other in for parent duties between work and sleep. So, for Valentine’s Day I thought I’d check a bucket list item off and bought us tickets to do a cooking class together. Well, baking, to be exact.

If you’re not familiar with Tom Douglas and you live in the Seattle area, please stop reading this and take a moment to go here and read up a bit. I’ve been to several of his restaurants and each experience has been delicious. In short, he’s a Seattle-based chef who specializes in Pacific Northwest Cuisine. Apart from his restaurants, he also has a cooking school called The Hot Stove Society. We took a class called “Let Them Eat Cake” and had a blast (and ate some cake!).

The Hot Stove Society is tucked away into Hotel Andra, adjacent to several of Tom Douglas’ restaurants. You can’t go wrong at that intersection, with The Dahlia Lounge, The Dahlia Bakery, Lola, and Serious Pie surrounding you. đŸ¤¤

When we arrived we were greeted with champagne and a delicious Mediterranean inspired lunch that we gobbled up while our fellow students settled in.

The stations were set up in tables of 4, equipped with Kitchenaid mixers and everything we would need to get started. The staff was upbeat and helpful and our class instructor was at a special station at the front with a camera over it so we could watch her as she talked us through the steps in the recipe. We were each going to make a cake and also a batch of shortbread cookies, from scratch!

Although Ryan said he was excited when I told him what my Valentine’s Day gift was, I wasn’t sure how much he’d enjoy participating and I anticipated doing most of the work, but I was pleasantly surprised. Ryan not only made his own cake, but also made our shortbread cookies!!

We made a layered sponge cake with berry buttercream frosting. Sounds fancy. Looked pretty. Tasted great.

We had so much fun in the class and want to go back again to make a savory dinner as well. This could be fun with a group of friends or even for a team building exercise for work. They also do this fun lunch club where you can go watch them cook while you eat!

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