You will never run out of restaurants to try when you’re in Seattle. Whether you’re in the mood for locally made, small-batch brioche donuts, street-food inspired fare that will transport you to your favorite international destination, or an artfully prepared multi-course meal that will have you eating things you didn’t know were a thing – Seattle has you covered.

Before I start sharing some of my favorite cult classics, let me introduce you to the Seattle Dog. After nearly any sporting event or concert, you are likely to find street vendors slinging epic brats known as “Seattle dogs”. It doesn’t feel right to call them hot dogs or bratwursts, but that’s essentially what they are, served in a bun coated with whipped cream cheese and grilled onions. They’re a local delicacy best enjoyed when you’re wrapping up a night of fun.

Alright, I may have lost some of you there, but I promise I’ve got found some other gems you should check out. If you’d like to enjoy something a little classier than a street vendor brat, I’d highly recommend starting with an Ethan Stowell restaurant. Our first visit to Seattle I’d unknowingly booked reservations at three of his restaurants without knowing it. With names like How to Cook a Wolf and Staple & Fancy, it’s hard not to be curious. It’s always easy to find something classic or a dish that entices you with locally grown, in-season flavors.

How to Cook a Wolf is one of my favorite places to go for a celebration.

Chef Ethan Stowell also occasionally hosts kids cooking classes at the Four Seasons Hotel in Seattle. I took Rowan to a pizza making class for a mommy & son date and it was such a fun time. Ethan did a great job engaging the kids and parents alike, and Rowan left inspired and excited to make us dinner with the skills he learned.


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