target try-on

The other day I had to work a bit later and by the time I was done the boys were asleep. I had to grab some coffee filters so I stopped by Target. Without the kids. It was a mom’s dream- leisurely browsing Target. It’s been a while since I’ve had a chance to try on clothes, so I put together a couple of casual looks.

I am a picky shopper and purchase the bulk of my clothing, shoe & accessories from Nordstrom. I love their selection, but most of all their return policy. However, Nordstrom is not known for being very affordable, so whenever I can find a style I like that’s great quality as well, for an affordable price I’m all in. Target has really been delivering.

Target’s owned brands for women did well in 2018. I constantly find cute & affordable pieces from Universal Thread and A New Day. This trip I also found some cute items from Who What Wear and Target’s newest brand Prologue. 

It could have been because I was tired, but I was feeling the cozy sweatshirts- and they had SO MANY. Here were my favorites! The pink sweater is a nice layering weight and has the cutest little mickey logos all over it.

Since it’s still sweater weather, I also tried out a couple of sweater combos. The first was a Universal Thread Poncho that made me feel like Friar Tuck…although it was soft. The one in the middle is a great dupe for this Madewell sweater, and it was softer. The third is the my first piece from their new collection, Prologue. It was such a soft, versatile sweater and was less than $25.

The last couple of pieces would be great for a casual dinner out or for work. This pink blouse has fun accents with the tie neck and balloon sleeves. The lace tank would be great on it’s own or layered underneath a cardigan.

I hope this has inspired you to take a little extra time to browse the clothing department at Target the next time you’re there!! ❤️

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