Trunk Club

Although I love to shop for clothing myself, I also like the idea of fashion services like Stitch Fix and Trunk Club doing some of the work for me. I shop online, a lot, which means I spend a lot upfront only to end up returning most of it, since many items don’t end up working out. It’s also helpful to have someone else to challenge me to try on things outside of my comfort zone. There have been a few times that I’ve ended up loving something I never would have picked up.

This was my first time being styled by this stylist, I’ve had several and I’ve found there’s always a get-to-know you period before things start to really click. Trunk Club is convenient because they’re now owned by Nordstrom so you get a few extra perks that you don’t with other ship-to-you styling services:

  • As a Nordstrom cardholder, if your Nordstrom card is your method of payment they waive your styling fee!
  • You have multiple return options- you can drop off at a UPS location, schedule a pick-up or take to your nearest Nordstrom store.
  • You can get free alterations at any Nordstrom just by showing your Trunk Club purchase receipt for those items.

I tried Trunk Club (TC) a couple of years ago and even visited one of their studios with my husband, Ryan, to do a try-on sesh in person. Trunk Club appealed to me because it was a little more luxe, from their higher-end brands to their hand-packed trunks that are printed to resemble a real trunk. When I changed jobs and landed an overnight shift, it didn’t make sense to keep investing in casual clothing when all I did was work and sleep. šŸ˜­

Recently I purchased some Marc Fisher Over the Knee (OTK) boots and thought it would be cool to see what my TC Stylist thought would pair well with them. So here’s what she sent:

Trunk Club boxes used to come with everything unwrapped folded nicely and tied with these nice little ribbons. Then I received a few trunks that came wrapped in plastic with labels all over the bags, as though I’d just placed a large order. Not appealing. The last trunk I got didn’t even come in a trunk-like box, so I was really worried about where the brand was headed. I was relieved to see a more normal looking box this time around, although my preference would be to have the items not arrive in plastic so that I can pretend my stylist hand selected and prepared my trunk for me (call me a dreamer). Anyway, getting on to what my stylist sent…

The first piece was a Leith dress that I’ve seen dozens of gals show off on Instagram. (Ignore my blazing white legs, I promise to self-tan tomorrow šŸ˜‚) I can’t say I love the material of this dress, but the cut is cute and I’m never going to be mad at strategically placed ruching.

Overall, not a keeper for me. It does happen to be on sale in a few other colors at Nordstrom, for under $25, which you can find here.

Another dress, a drop-waist by Halogen. It’s under $100 and flattering, just barely skimming your silhouette without being too clingy. I like the flare at the bottom and the button-back detail.

To be honest, I didn’t care for the way it looked with the OTK boots, so I threw on these Sam Edelman Yaro sandals I have in leopard and liked the combo much better.

This Central Drapey shirt by Madewell was my favorite piece from this trunk. I loved the fit and drape of the fabric, and I actually don’t have a ton of black in my closet so I thought it would make a great addition.

The denim skirt isn’t for me, but was a nice piece. I liked the slit on the side, but even with that it didn’t work well over my boots.

This dress by Noisy May is under $40 and a beautiful color. I love the dolman sleeves and how soft the fabric was. I didn’t, however, care for the fit on me particularly. It may work better if I sized up, but I didn’t like it enough to go through the trouble.

It did, however, look nice with the OTK boots, so if you’re in the market you can find it here.

I wouldn’t wear these two pieces together, but paired them for the sake of the try-on šŸ˜œ. This Treasure & Bond blouse has a loose, flowy fit and is a pretty color.

The suede skirt is by BlankNYC and snaps open completely, so it would be risky to wear out dancing šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚. A nice, neutral color, but just not for me. It paired nicely with the boots, though.

There were a few other pieces not picture that did not work for me at all.

Although I didn’t find a lot of “winners” in this trunk, I recommend you give them a try or two. The first trunk is normally not full of items you’ll love, but over time as your stylist gets to know your preferences and needs the trunks will be more on point.

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